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Vivek Ramaswamy Speaker of the House

Can An Outsider like Vivek Ramaswamy Be Speaker of the House?

As we explore the depths of the United States Constitution, a significant question arises: Can someone from outside the House of Representatives, Vivek Ramaswamy, hold the coveted position of Speaker of…
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Second GOP Primary Debate

Vivek's Top 5 Moments From the Second GOP Primary Debate

In the aftermath of the second GOP Primary Debate, political analyst Vivek emerged with a keen eye for five pivotal moments that promise to shape the upcoming election. With an impartial viewpoint, Vivek…
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Many Vivek Ramaswamy-curious voters have something in common: They’re actually backing Trump

Title: "Many Vivek Ramaswamy-curious voters have something in common: They’re actually backing Trump" Authors: Emma Barnett and Katherine Koretski Date: September 7, 2023 Main Points: Campaign Events: Vivek Ramaswamy has been actively campaigning, appearing at 11 public events in New Hampshire over…

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VIDEO | Vivek Ramaswamy Dresses Down Ukrainian President; Claims Zelensky Is A 'Cheat'

Consolidation of Media and Suppression of Opposition Zelensky has consolidated all media into one state media arm, giving him control over the narrative and limiting opposition voices. He has also shut down 11 opposition parties, eliminating political competition and consolidating his power. …

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Vivek Ramaswamy’s no good, very bad week

Ramaswamy's media coverage and popularity - Ramaswamy emerged as the most talked-about candidate after the first Republican primary debate in 2024. - Online searches for Ramaswamy surged following the debate. - He has been appearing in various media outlets, including Meet the Press…

Read Summary - Published 08-31-2023

Trump open to Vivek Ramaswamy as vice president

Trump's praise for Vivek Ramaswamy - Former President Trump praised Vivek Ramaswamy in an interview. - Trump described Ramaswamy as smart, young, and talented. - Trump expressed openness to considering Ramaswamy as a vice presidential candidate. - Trump's comments reveal his willingness…

Read Summary - Published 08-30-2023

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Review of Vivek Ramaswamy's Debate Performance

We are intrigued by Vivek Ramaswamy's sudden rise in the polls after the Milwaukee GOP debate despite his lack of political experience. It appears that his brash approach and support for Trump is resonating…
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Vivek Ramaswamy Exposes Deep State Secrets and Reveals His Top Priorities in Restoring America

In an interview, Vivek Ramaswamy exposes Deep State secrets and his priorities for restoring America. He advocates for permanent changes and a new president to hold unelected officials accountable.
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What Did Vivek Ramaswamy Say About 9/11? "The Truth"

In recent discourse, Vivek Ramaswamy has become a prominent figure due to his comments on the January 6 events and the 9/11 attacks. In an interview with The Atlantic, Ramaswamy expressed skepticism towards…
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Where is Vivek Ramaswamy family from

Embark on a fascinating and captivating expedition through the vast and illustrious legacy of Vivek Ramaswamy. Discover the intricacies and nuances of his heritage as you delve deeper into this enriching…
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Vivek Ramaswamy Israel and Foreign Policy

Get ready for a fiery clash within the Republican Party as Vivek Ramaswamy's stance on Israel and foreign policy proposals are set to be discussed in the upcoming presidential debate. His suggestion of…
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